Will New Homeowners Remember You?

Posted by KIT Team on Wed, March 10

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The task of helping a family buy or sell a home has undergone several changes over the last decade. Technology and information are now at anyone’s fingertips, providing resources to buyers and sellers that were formerly only available through a realtor. Some may even question whether or not a realtor is even necessary when buying or selling a home. 

The facts demonstrate that real estate is booming and the majority of people choose to use a realtor for buying or selling property: 

With well over one million realtors in the US, the issue becomes, will homeowners remember you as their realtor when the time comes to make another sale or purchase?

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How Will Homeowners Remember You as Their Realtor?

Another important variation on this theme is HOW homeowners remember their realtor. Obviously, not only do you want to be remembered, but you want that memory to be favorable and not negative. A quick Google search revealed these suggested top long-tail keywords from the search, “my realtor is:” 

  • my realtor is not working for me
  • my realtor is not responsive
  • my realtor is lazy
  • my realtor is slow
  • my realtor is not doing her job
  • my realtor is rude
  • my realtor is ignoring me
  • my realtor is not helping
  • my realtor is out of town

The obvious impression from these searches is that many home buyers and sellers do not have a positive memory of working with their realtor.

How Can You Leave a Better Impression on Homeowners?

Obviously, the impression you leave on homeowners matters a great deal. Repeat business in real estate is the best kind of business. Generating repeat business will keep clients coming through the door, as well as sharing good referrals to their friends and family. How can you leave a better impression on homeowners? 

Provide Valuable, Personal Service

Personal service that goes above and beyond is the best way to leave a lasting impression. In an era where anyone can access online real estate data bases and financial information, providing the extras is key to standing apart from the crowd. Buyers and sellers expect a realtor to provide market experience in their location, as well as expertise and knowledge about real estate and related topics. 

Demonstrate valued, personal service to your clients by providing: 

  • Unbiased property evaluations 
  • An in-depth comparative market analysis 
  • Valuable industry connections 
  • Vetted buyers 
  • Insider knowledge 

All this combined with a personable, likable attitude makes a winning combination that other realtors in your area will be hard pressed to match or exceed. 

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Be Memorable in the Best Possible Way

Another way to help homeowners remember you as their realtor is to make yourself memorable, but in the best possible ways. Unsurpassed service and availability is always first on the list. But another way is to provide a memorable gifting experience after the close of the sale and at move-in time.

The right gift demonstrates gratitude, thoughtfulness, and cements the important relationship of trust that you have built with your client. KIT by USP provides a true gifting experience with customized branded KITs and packaging that conveys just the right message. You can easily choose from our pre-made KITs or select items to build your own. You can also select single items for gifting at select points throughout your realtor-client relationship. 

  1. Build your KITs
  2. Upload your logo and choose your packaging 
  3. Tell us where and when to send your KITs

You can even send a personal note with each KIT expressing your thoughts and best wishes.

Suggestions for Gifting Real Estate Clients 

Select gifting methods can communicate volumes to your clients. Here are some ideas for gifting your real estate clients to create positive memories and associations. 

  • Send a gift item after you first begin working with a client. A simple branded keychain, personal care kit, or cellphone cover is a nice touch. 
  • Present new homeowners with a branded, custom KIT filled with thoughtful items to help make the new property a home. 
    • New Home KIT
    • Real Estate KIT
    • Build your own KIT! 
  • Send or present a branded, custom KIT to sellers after the conclusion of the sale. Select celebratory items and other thoughtful accessories. 
  • Send a 1-Year Anniversary gift to homeowners to celebrate their first year in the new home. Include celebratory items and thoughtful gifts for the home.  

Client gifting can keep the positive memories going and keep you near top-of-mind when the client needs new realtor services or knows someone who is buying or selling a home. 

Call and speak to a KIY by USP team member or simply begin selecting your KITs online. You will receive personalized service to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.