What Are Promotional Swag Products and Why Are They So Important?

Posted by KIT Team on Tue, October 12

Are you looking to ensure your brand can stand out from the crowd? In this fast-paced digital world we live in, it has never been more challenging to get your brand seen. Your first thoughts might be to pump more investment into your digital marketing. However, as more of our lives become consumed by smartphones and tablets, many of us are now seeking more personal, real-life connections with others.


Swag packs are the perfect way to create that personal touch, and they have a huge impact on your promotion. Research has shown that swag kits are two and half times more memorable than internet advertising, while 85% of people will remember the name of a brand that has given them a promotional product.

What are swag packs, though, and how can they benefit your brand? We thought we would take a closer look.


What are Promotional Products?

As the name suggests, promotional products are unique items that are branded with your company’s logo or motto. Nicknamed swag, these products are typically given away at events, tradeshows, to prospective customers, or simply as a giveaway.

These eye-catching products are designed to be highly memorable and create a buzz around your brand. The more people see your brand name and motto, the more recognition you have and the more likely they are to become customers.

There is almost no limit on the kinds of promotional products you can giveaway. Whether it is t-shirts, pens, water bottles, caps, golf balls, journals, or simply just stickers, these promotional products are a great way to break the monotony of digital marketing and ensure you can stand out from the crowd.


What are the Benefits of Promotional Swag Products?

There can be no denying that promotional products are one of the most cost-effective marketing options for businesses. At some point, we have all received a swag item, and 53% of people admit that they use a promotional item at least once a week!

There are many benefits to using swag kits, but some of the biggest include:


Maximize brand awareness

One of the most significant benefits of swag products is that they help you to maximize your brand awareness. On average, a promotional item will get 344 views each month. This makes them a highly cost-effective way to reach huge numbers of potential customers, allowing you to reach far more people at a fraction of the cost of other marketing strategies.

The right swag kits can transform your brand, and consumers do not just need to always see a product. 85% of individuals admitted that they are always able to recall those brands that gave them promotional products.


Increase conversions

When you are able to increase the visibility of your brand, you will be able to generate higher quality leads and boost your conversion rate. The more customers that see your brand, the more that will be interested in your services and the more people who will utilize your organization.

The right promotional products will turn interested parties into valued customers, particularly those that are able to add value to their lives.


Enhance customer loyalty

Acquiring new customers costs five times more than it does to keep an existing one, while a 5% retention increase can boost profits by up to 95%! Swag kits are a fantastic way of boosting your customer loyalty, showing them that you go above and beyond for their needs.

When you are able to offer them value, while keeping your brand name and motto clearly visible, they will be far more likely to use you again.


Improve employee satisfaction

Of course, swag kits are not just great for helping you to increase brand awareness and sales. These products are a great way to build stronger connections with your staff, increasing their satisfaction.

Research has shown that 59% of employees who have received a promotional product from their company have a significantly higher impression of their workplace. It can also boost retention rates, with 57% more likely to remain with their employer that provides branded items.


What are the Most Popular Swag Products?

There is an almost endless choice of promotional swag products that you can offer your customers and staff, but here at Kit by USP, we know how important it is to provide high-quality products. With over thirty years in the industry, we can offer you the very best swag kits in the quickest possible time.  

What are some of the most popular promotional products, though? We thought we would take a closer look…




Apparel has always been one of the most popular forms of promotional swag. Clothing is a great way to promote your brand, and t-shirts, vests, jackets, and caps are a great way to help create a sense of community amongst staff and customers alike.

Here at Kit by USP, we offer a huge choice of customizable apparel to choose from. We offer everything you need to kit out your team and customers, and we guarantee the highest quality products possible.


Water Bottles



In recent years, drinkware has become one of the most popular promotional products to giveaway. While branded glasses, hip flasks, and wine coolers are always well received, water bottles are some of the most popular. Customers will use these bottles every day, ensuring they are regularly seeing your brand name or motto.

We have a huge collection of drinkware for our customers to choose from, including vacuum-insulated bottles and tumblers from leading brands.


Journals and Notebooks

Promotional swag kits should always give the recipient some value, and journals and notebooks are a great choice. These premium items let customers and staff alike jot down their ideas and notes, no matter where they might be.

If you are looking for customizable journals and notebooks to giveaway, we have a wide range to choose from. Alongside a choice of sizes and colors, we also offer a range of branded pens, ensuring they always have something to write with.


Backpacks and Tote Bags

Bags are another very popular choice for swag kits, giving a big canvas to add your brand name or motto to. From classic tote bags and cinch packs to backpacks and laptop sleeves, we have all kinds of storage solutions for your customers and staff to take their essentials with them wherever they go.


Power Banks

On average, we are never more than an arm’s reach from our smartphones, and running out of battery can be incredibly frustrating. Our branded power banks are the perfect addition to any swag kit, ensuring your employees and potential customers are always able to keep their phones charged while they’re on the go.


Create Your Swag Kit Today!

Looking to create the ultimate swag kit to promote your brand? Alongside offering premade kits for our customers to enjoy, we also allow you to build your own, ensuring you can always create the perfect solution for your clientele.

With over three decades of experience, we know how to help you take your branding to the next level. So get started building your ultimate swag kit today, or get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today to find out more.

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