Spring Gift Ideas to Reconnect with Clients

Posted by KIT Team on Tue, March 9

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Spring is traditionally the time of new beginnings, so what better time to reconnect with clients? Depending on your particular industry or business, clients can drift away for any number of reasons. Some may only need your services periodically; some may not realize they need your services more often; others may just drift away. Corporate gifting is a great way to reconnect with clients and remind them of your goods and services. 

Does gifting help you favorably reconnect with clients? Absolutely! According to advertising giant Zimmer Communications

  • 83% of Americans report that they like to receive promotional products with advertising messages on them
  • 25% of people report having more positive impressions of companies after receiving their promotional products via swag bags
  • 50% of people report daily using the promotional products they have accumulated from swag bags
  • 85% of consumers admit to doing business with a company after receiving a promotional product from them
  • 89% of people who received a promotional product in the last 24 months remember the name of that company
  • 67% of people pass promotional products on to someone else, providing further exposure

KIT by USP allows you to provide your clients with the ultimate brand experience. Our simplified gifting and fulfillment services make your efforts to reconnect with clients easy, affordable, and customized to your brand. Use the following spring gift ideas to reconnect with clients and increase your company business. 

Reconnect with Clients Through a New Product/Service Campaign 

Introducing a new product/service is a great reason to reconnect with clients that have not contacted you for a while. Depending on your industry, clients may only need your goods or services periodically, or they could use them more often. A new campaign to reintroduce them to your company and any new products or services will be much more effective when combined with some spring gift ideas. 

KIT by USP provides a wide variety of gift ideas and custom KITs that you can use with your new campaign. The products you choose to include will feature your brand and represent you well before a buying public. We can also include special items that you provide in your KITs or mailers. Just ask one of our representatives about that as you complete your order. 

Here are some suggested items to include in your new product/service campaign: 

  • Keychains
  • Tumblers
  • Hats
  • Mugs
  • Can coolers
  • Cotton totes
  • Zipper Bags
  • Pens/Notepads
  • Universal charging cables
  • Airpod cases
  • Thumbdrives
  • Swag Bags w/assorted snacks or goodies

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Express Gratitude to Past Clients with Custom KITs

How often should a company express gratitude for their clients? Answers vary; but if it has been a while, reconnect with clients by demonstrating your gratitude. KIT by USP can include custom thank you cards or notes with any of our gift products or KITs; we can handle the wording or you provide your own message. 

What are the best spring gift ideas to reconnect with clients and show gratitude? Your industry will partly dictate the size/quality of appropriate gifts. For example, real estate clients spend a larger amount of money, so a customized KIT containing several items would be entirely appropriate. 

For smaller expenditures, smaller custom KITs can be created or you can choose to send a single item and thank you card. Perhaps include a 10% discount coupon inside the card as a bonus. 

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Remind Clients of Periodic Needs with Branded Swag

Many companies provide products or services that consumers need on a periodic basis. Some ideas would include HVAC inspections, vehicle service, tire rotation, pre-packaged meal kits, computer virus scanning/maintenance, medical exams, eye exams, dental exams, new school supplies/clothing, sports apparel/equipment, and driveway maintenance. 

A colorful printed reminder will get noticed — a branded gift will be used and remembered for far longer. Here are some popular suggestions: 

  • Selfie ring light
  • Air vent magnetic phone mount 
  • Custom webcam cover 
  • Face masks
  • Clip-on hand sanitizer bottles
  • Lip balm
  • Fitness towel 
  • Lanyard
  • Carabiner

Reward Returning Clients with a Pre-Made or Custom KIT

Another innovative way to reconnect with clients is to reward them for their return business with a customized KIT after a purchase. This option can save you money by only sending gifts to clients that reconnect and take advantage of your goods or services. Choose from our pre-made KITs or build your own with several of our quality items. All wearing your brand, of course. We can also provide custom packaging to enhance the total experience. 

Spring Gift Ideas to Reconnect with Clients-03Some of our pre-made KITs are: 

  • Tech KIT - includes a ceramic mug, Anker Power Wave 10W Qi Wireless Charger, Triad charging cable, Melody wireless earbuds, and more!
  • Fit KIT - includes a classic snapback cap, yoga mat, matte soft touch steel bottle, resistance bands, and Sony Sport wireless headphones!
  • Spa KIT - includes wooden diffuser set, Bistro coffee mug, Serenity concrete candle, and a Natural Santorini tote!

These fun and useful Spring gift ideas to reconnect with clients will be sure-fire hits that elevate your brand awareness and generate new business. Contact us today by phone or simply begin building your custom KITs online. One of our team members will contact you to complete your order.