How Gifting Real Estate Clients Increases Customer Satisfaction and Referrals

Posted by KIT Team on Tue, March 9

How Gifting Real Estate-01Every successful real estate agent knows that real estate is about relationships. The entire real estate industry is not about property, it’s about people. Real estate agents deal with people every day in interviews, property showings, negotiation meetings, and deal closings. With so much money changing hands in a real estate deal, forming a trusting and comfortable relationship with your clients is key. Gifting real estate clients is a key strategy to increase customer satisfaction and gain referrals. 

Gifting Real Estate Clients Shows Gratitude 

Gratitude is a rare attitude in today’s world. In the scramble to gain more and get ahead, few are truly grateful for what they have and who they are privileged to know. A simple web search will reveal many realtors in your local area. Why should an aspiring home buyer choose you? 

There can be lots of ways you differentiate yourself from your competitors, but the bottom line is that all of you provide similar services to sell properties. Gifting your real estate clients after the close of a sale shows gratitude. They could have chosen anyone; they chose you. 

And, the likelihood is that your expression of gratitude will be appreciated, remembered, and reciprocated. A study published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that when businesses practice gratitude, they are more likely to earn customer loyalty.

Gifting Real Estate Clients Demonstrates Thoughtfulness 

Purchasing a new home is a huge undertaking for most people, the largest investment they will ever make. For many people, moving into a new home means adding new furnishings and decor. The property will truly not become a “home” until the family has moved in and added the personal dimension that makes a house a home. 

Gifting real estate clients the perfect gift, at the right time, demonstrates thoughtfulness. It is your way of acknowledging the immense new step in their life and its significance. Thoughtful gifts include useful items for newly moved-in families, gift cards, hypoallergenic plants, or certificates for local services. Even a nice bottle of wine can be included to celebrate their new purchase. 

How Gifting Real Estate-02

Gifting Real Estate Clients Creates a Memory 

Purchasing a home is a truly memorable experience, and one that the family will long remember. Gifting your real estate clients with a suitable gift KIT can ensure that you become a part of that memory. The right gift can be kept and used for years, and serve as a reminder of your relationship with the client, as well as your kindness and professionalism. 

Creating a positive memory with your clients is important. Their confidence in you will compel them to share referrals and positive references with their family and friends. That positive memory can pay dividends far into the future. 

Gifting Real Estate Clients Cements a Relationship

Gifting real estate clients creates a bond. The new homeowners have just walked through a sometimes-rigorous process and emerged with a successful conclusion — and you have served as their trusted and reliable guide. You now have a relationship forged through trial and experience. Cementing that relationship with a thoughtful and valued gift is the capstone to the entire event. 

Giving a congratulatory gift is not a requirement. You receive payment in exchange for your professional services. At the conclusion of the deal, both sides have completed the transaction, having received what was promised. Gifting real estate clients is that extra means of affirmation and gratitude that people in relationships often show to one another. 

Gifting Real Estate Clients Made Easy with KIT 

Gifting real estate clients increases customer satisfaction and referrals. One survey by Realtor Magazine showed that almost 77% of readers gave closing gifts to their clients. This doesn’t have to be a chore; KIT by USP takes corporate gifting to new heights with custom KITs for your clients. 

We offer two pre-made KITs that are perfect for gifting real estate clients. The items included are imprinted with your brand: 


Real Estate KIT

How Gifting Real Estate-03

Pack Includes: 

  • Classic Ceramic Mug
  • OGIO Limit Polo
  • Single Color Cotton Mask
  • Lanyards
  • Cordova Metal Pens
  • Business Cards
  • Insert Card
  • Custom Binder

New Home KIT

How Gifting Real Estate-04

Pack Includes: 

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine with Hand Painted Etching
  • Elderwood Flute
  • Single Concrete Coasters
  • Leather Loop Keychain
  • Tape Measure
  • Thank You Card



You can also create custom KITs that include many other branded gifts, including personal items that you provide from your firm. Ask about those when you call or simply begin creating your KITs online. One of our representatives will conclude your business personally to guarantee your satisfaction.