Holiday Gifts for Employees

Posted by KIT Team on Mon, February 15

01-Holiday Gifts for EmployeesHoliday gifts are not just for friends and family. With 83% of Americans reporting that they like receiving branded promotional products, you should demonstrate your gratitude with holiday gifts for employees. Whether you sprinkle them with meaningful gifts year round or go all-out for major holidays like Christmas, your employees will appreciate this tangible expression of how much they are valued by your company. 

KIT by USP provides more than just swag — we offer a wide range of custom-branded KITs and gifts to fit every occasion and audience. Take a look at these suggested holiday gifts for employees and let us help you with simplified gifting and fulfillment all year. 

Holiday Favorites 

When it comes to gifting your employees on various holidays, some gifts are perfect for them all. Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Administrative Professionals’ Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and the rest, everyone loves these holiday favorites. 

02-Holiday Gifts for Employees


Who doesn’t love snacks, chocolate, and popcorn? Every holiday has favorite foods that pair well, or some type of food-related observance. While you can’t necessarily provide a staple food item for every holiday, anything relating to eating and food is always a big hit. 


Tumblers, mugs, and travel bottles are hugely popular with any audience and the wide variety of selections and styles make for plenty of employee gift choices. Choose coffee mugs for winter holidays and stainless steel drink bottles for warmer months when many will be outdoors. 

Branded Apparel

All manner of branded apparel remains popular as holiday gifts for employees. From tees with the latest product promotion to jackets with the company logo, your employees will proudly wear these gifts for a long time. 

03-Holiday Gifts for Employees

  • T-shirts
  • Hats
  • Facemasks 
  • Jackets 
  • Active wear 

Remote Work Gifts 

The pandemic of 2020 brought remote work teams to the forefront in many companies. Holiday gifts for employees that recognize their value as remote workers are a great idea. Choose from items that make work easier or selections that help your employees relax when work is finished. 

04-Holiday Gifts for Employees

Tech KIT or Desk Essentials KIT 

These premade KITs feature cool tech for work or leisure, as well as coffee mugs, stickers, and unique items that are meaningful to remote workers. They make great employee gifts for Employee Appreciation, Labor Day, or Administrative Assistants’ Day. 

Work Tools 

Even remote workers need tools to carry out their assigned tasks, and providing them some branded items will make them feel they are still an important part of the team. Choose from desktop items, writing materials, and more. 

Tech Tools

Holiday gifts for employees should include some form of tech. Technology of all kinds is popular and welcome for many workers, and these branded gifts will be some of the most appreciated, and the most used. Portable chargers, versatile cable options, and more will be big hits. 

Health & Wellness Gifts 

Health and wellness is a high priority for most people, and any employee gifts that contribute to better living will be appreciated. What better way to demonstrate your employees’ value than to help them live better and longer? 

05-Holiday Gifts for Employees

  • On-the-Go Wellness Pack 
  • Branded hand sanitizer 
  • Serenity candles 
  • Oil diffusers
  • Travel packs 
  • Massage items
  • Soaps & Lotions 
  • Yoga mats
  • Fitness towels
  • Golf or other gaming items 

Celebration Gifts

Holiday gifts for employees need to facilitate celebration as much as possible. After all, a healthy work-leisure balance is essential for happy employees. Provide some celebration-oriented items for special occasions and holidays and share the joy. 

06-Holiday Gifts for Employees

Wine Essentials 

Wine fits almost any holiday celebration and KIT offers 22 different selections that pair with any occasion. We also feature wine essentials like glasses, flutes, corkscrews, wine bags, and more. Branded wine and related items are sure-fire hits for holiday gifts. 

Audio Accessories

Holiday celebrations are incomplete without music! Holiday gifts for employees that include audio essentials are sure to be shared with and bragged about to friends and family. Bluetooth speakers, shower speakers, earbuds, and noise cancelling headphones are prize gifts. 

Luxury Gifts 

Special holiday gifts for employees are sometimes warranted and luxury gifts are the epitome of appreciation. Pamper your employees with high-end luxury items when your gratitude for their service and loyalty knows no bounds. 

07-Holiday Gifts for Employees

  • Fitbit Tracker 
  • L'Occitane Verbena Pouch Gift Set
  • Titleist Golf Set 
  • Lightweight 3 Season Sleep Bag 
  • Champagne Sabre 
  • Thule Lithos 15 Computer Backpack 

Don’t waste any more time searching for holiday gifts for employees. KIT by USP is your one-stop-shop for simple, easy, and versatile gifting. Simply select your items or build your KITs and tell us when and where you need them. We handle the rest, with quality in-house printing and reliable fulfillment services guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.