10 Corporate Gifting Ideas for Employees in 2021

Posted by KIT Team on Mon, March 29


Having a strategy to share corporate gifts for employees is a time-tested method of building team spirit and camaraderie within your organization. If you don’t have a regular system of providing corporate team gifts, it can be a significant investment into your workforce. 

KIT by USP provides a simplified system of sending customized KITs to your employees for any and every occasion. Let’s dive deeper into corporate gifts for employees, including 10 corporate gifting ideas for your employees throughout 2021. 

Why Gifting Your Employees Matters 

The simple act of giving is a proven and time-honored way to show gratitude and appreciation. Giving a gift forms a connection between you and your employees. Gifting creates feelings and emotions that breed value and trust. It prompts the recipient to look favorably on the giver. In short, gifting makes and strengthens the connection between employees and employers. 

A planned strategy to share corporate gifts for employees can reap numerous benefits for your company and your team members. 

Build Relationships

Regular corporate team gifts can build relationships between management and team members. Gratitude or appreciation shown through a gift enhances relationships and feelings between workers. Recognizing events or milestones with a gift will be appreciated and remembered for a long time. 

Destroy Barriers 

Many workers now perform their duties at home and are removed from the day-to-day interactions of company life. How do you maintain connections with team members when physical or in-person interactions are curtailed? A physical indicator of company appreciation is can express ideas like, “We remember you and consider you a valued part of our team.” 

Show Value

Successful businesses value people. Everyone matters and has inherent value. Their unique family backgrounds, personalities, dreams, ethnic influences, skills, and individuality make them each a unique component in your multifaceted team. Simple gifts to say “thank you” still make an impact and boost your reputation as a company that values people. 


What are the Best Corporate Gifts for Employees?

Gifting your employees matters a great deal and can have a significant impact on company culture and morale. But did you know that the right gift for the right event or occasion can speak volumes? Here are 10 corporate gift ideas for employees in 2021, categorized around certain themes or occasions. 

Onboarding Gifts 

Introduce new employees to your company with unique onboarding gifts to prepare them for their role and to feel like part of the team. 

  1. The Desk Essentials KIT contains a Bistro Coffee Mug, NoWire Mouse Pad, Linen Medium Journal, Serenity Concrete Candle and more to make new hires feel welcome and appreciated. 
  2. Branded Company Apparel is always a big hit. Provide new employees with a t-shirt, hat, or jacket featuring the company logo to make them feel like part of the team. 

Gifts for Remote Team Members 

If you have remote team members working from home, they can feel isolated or left out from company events and relationships. Let them know they are still valued members of your team. 

  1. The Tech KIT features a Classic Ceramic Mug, Anker Power Wave 10W Qi Wireless Charger, Triad Charging Cable, Melody Wireless Earbuds and more! This gift box is sure to make remote team members feel special. 
  2. Home Office Supplies are always appreciated, and company-branded items help remote workers remember their company identity and pride. 

Holiday Gifts 

Show your appreciation to employees at certain holidays with special company gift ideas for employees. Be sensitive to religious observances and other cultural events by choosing gifts that are special to the person and not to a particular holiday observance. 

  1. The Baby It’s Cold Outside KIT includes a 6-Piece Gourmet Cookie Stack, Hot Chocolate Pillow Pack, Classic Ceramic Mug, Stripe Pom Pom Beanie, and more to help employees stay warm during cold holiday months. 
  2. Food & Pantry Accessories make great holiday gifts, since most special days are connected with some sort of eating celebration. Choose from food items or kitchen pantry accessories to help make cooking easier and more fun. 

Gifts for Special Recognition 

Special milestones are always a part of company life, including promotions, multi-year anniversaries, industry achievements and rewards, and retirement. 

  1. The Spa KIT includes a Bistro Coffee Mug, Wooden Diffuser Set, Natural Santorini Tote, Serenity Concrete Candle and more! These company-branded items can help an employee pamper themselves for a job well done. 
  2. Backpacks, Duffels, or Coolers are versatile and useful gifts that will be used over and over by your grateful employees. They also serve as a fit reminder of the special achievement they commemorate. 

Gifts to Boost Morale 

Nothing says “I appreciate you” like a gift presented for no reason at all. Boost company morale by providing your team members with branded swag just to say “Thank You!” 

  1. Build a Custom KIT that fits with a popular theme or promotion and gift your employees fun, delicious, or handy items that feature your company brand. 
  2. Fitness and Sport Items are popular gifts that will be used over and over, and remind your employees to spend quality time away from work with family and friends. 

Use these company gift ideas for employees to build a culture of appreciation and team spirit throughout your organization. With KIT by USP, the list of possible corporate gifts for employees is virtually endless! 


How Do I Find Unique Corporate Gifts for Employees?

Locating unique corporate gifts for your employees doesn’t have to be a headache or a challenge. KIT by USP makes it simple and fun to choose and send gifts wherever and whenever needed. We like to say, our corporate gifting process is as easy as 1-2-3!

Build Your KITs — Choose from our pre-made KITs or select items from our store to fill your KITs. 

Upload Your Logo & Choose Packaging — Send us a digital image of your company logo to print on your items and pick the style and colors of your custom packaging. 

Tell Us Where & When to Send your KITs — We handle all the printing and fulfillment services in-house, meaning better pricing and faster turnaround for you. And, we store your KITs until you are ready for them to be delivered. 

After you finish these steps, a team member will call you to complete your order and ensure we have all the correct information we need. You will shortly receive a spread of sample images showing your printed items to make sure you are satisfied with the appearance before printing begins. Your final approval starts the process and your KITs will be available in no time! 

Need Single Items in Bulk? We can handle that! Browse our store and choose any items you desire in large quantities. A team member will call to complete your order. 

Choosing and sending corporate gifts for employees doesn’t have to be hard — it can be fun! Contact us at KIT by USP or start shopping now in our online store.